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News :
02-10-2011 NDS Engine on hold... for ever...

Well, I won't have time to update the engine again.

Anyway, after that much time, I would have to re-write it from scratch as the architecture used was waaay to basic and hard to extend...

On another note, if I start a new engine I will go for a GLES 2.0 capable device.  Fixed pipeline 3D is way too boring :)

11-14-2009 NDS Engine on hold... sorry.

As I've been hired as a 3D Engine programmer for Gameloft Montreal a few months back, I can't continue the NDS engine due to some contract issues... But in conterpart, I love working there and the experiance is great, it's cool to finaly use the original devkits for all the consoles (yeah, I work on iPhone, Xbox360, PS3, Wii, PSP)!

Here's a few of the released projects I've helped on so far:

For now, I can't work on the engine with my job's NDA and contract obligations... But my goal to release it opensource in the future is still in sight.

So, on hold... for now :)

05-01-2009 New project : NDS engine
Now that I finaly finished my software engineering studys, I started a new side-project, a basic Nintendo DS 3D engine that can be used to render objects using a scene graph.  Here's some screenshots of the currents results.

The engine can presently use some mesh exported from Blender, play music (using modmax) and supports animations for the scene objects.

The next features will be :

  • Adding movement, speed, direction and acceleration interpolator
  • Adding path interpolators (line, Bezier, circles and spirales)
  • Adding flexible particles engines
10-11-2008 Arcadia time, let's play!

So Arcadia is now over, and it was great !

I was at ETS booth where I demo planet2 with the reaminig planet2 team members, Mathier Goodman and Pierre-Luc Loyer. The game was not as stable as I would liked it to... Murphys law I guess, as it was quite solid a few hours before the start of the festival. But in general, it was good, and peoples seemed to like it.

The mini-conference was great too, more peoples than I expected showed up! We could only presents the big lines of the project, as 30 min is very short to present the whole project in depth...

Here the ETS press release, I'm the one at the computer in the background :)

More pictures to come...

18-10-2008 Planet2 builds on the way!

I just made a Linux 32bit build of Planet2 with all the needded scripts to get the good libs. Yeah, the builds will have a set of libs as some of them need to be compiled from source because in some distro they are crippled or just too old (Ogre3D, CEGUI and boost are bad in ubuntu's repo).

I just can't wait to get this build and the code out !!!  There is still some more liscence verifying to do...  Some of the textures that where user by artists in the development where not GPL or CC...  So we now have to replace these and make sure there is no other non-open stuff in our tree.

The code will be with you !

18-10-2008 Content back!
The gallery is back :)

I added a new gallery with screenshots of works I done on some game projects. Now, back to work!

17-10-2008 Gonig to Modx

Well, using some nifty custom php scripts for your site is great when you have time to update them, but, well...

I don't have the time for that. Rushing the last semester of my Software Engineering study make time fly by! So there it is a quick switch to modx, the old content should be back in a few days as I have some critical woks to do:

  • Software Requirement project to complete
  • Some special project to work on, that soooo cool !
  • My game project to make usable for the Arcadia Festival :D

More info on all this soon !


Oooooold News :

05-01-2004 Moving from server to server again :D
I just got a "new" old machine :D. A good old pII 300mhz, I think it's enough to host my site for now, until I get enough money to buy a real server.
The machine is called bartha2 in honor of my sisters's even older computer which she called big old bertha so I had to call this dinausaur bertha2 :D.
I'll try to update the site a bit, in the near future, and get a faster internet connection 20k/s upload is NOT fast enough for a decent server...

Have fun and if you want hosting, real cheap hosting ( few buks/monts ) contact me.

11-10-2003 Some new stuff
I added a new image in the main gallery look just a bit up ^ :D
Some New Links as been added in the banners script ( in the top frame ) and in the link section.
No new stuff in the gallery, but I'll add some stuff there soom, as soon as I can draw/scan/upload a pic :D
I'll have to do some maintenance on the server soon, maybe it will suffer short downtimes... But it wont go over 10 min this time ^^

01-09-2003 minor update
Wow, I can't belive how long it can take to add some content in here!
I finaly added some new pic in the gallerys :D

For the "webcomic" project, I think a few month/years might make it possible or not. But the project is still on my todo list ^^

31-07-2003 Some downtime ! NOOOOOO ! Again....
This time I never saw it comming, after upgrading apache to the last version, the script accidentaly overwritten some config files. These new, not correct configs, made the server act funny and weird... Now it's all right !

I think I'll always doublecheck my config when upgrading apache !

18-07-2003 Server moving... Again !
I had to move the server temporarly to my laptop, I am installing Gentoo Linux on the previous server. I was thinking about moving the server to the old server as soon as it is completed, but I realised that the laptop ( running Gentoo Linux too ) was doing the job quite well! Before that it was sitting in a corner doing nothing...

Next step : getting more RAM in the Laptop :D

16-07-2003 Some downtime ! NOOOOOO !
I am sorry, the server had a lot of problems staying online in the last 2 days... Damn Windows, I was totaly unable to connect to my ISP, I still don't know why, but now it's working... for how long ?? As I can't stand this OS any more, I think I'll have to switch to Linux in the near futur ( in less than a week is my goal ! ). I'll try to keep the server online until then.

26-06-2003 Picture of the day
As I am thinking about starting a web comic I am writing some small script to make it easier to navigate. But as I don't have my script done yet I'll use the script to display the Image of the day.

26-06-2003 Layout update
I don't know why but I was tired of the old ugly buttons so I made some grand new ones :D Some other part of the layout may change in the near futur as I am remodeling the interface.

25-06-2003 Gallery update
AutoGallery's PHP code realeased open-source
I added some content, and some new sections. As I am working on my AutoGallery script, I thought that I could release it open-source, it's avaliable here and if you want to work with me on the project, help is always welcome!

20-06-2003 Back from the hell
I faly finished Computer Science! But this caused a serious problem for this page as it was located on my Colege's server and all my acounts have been destroyed as I finished... I finaly choosed to move the page here on a "safer" place until I find a host that can fill my needs ( and cost almost nothing as I defenetly don't have any money left... ).

29-12-2002 New CSS
I replaced the styles by a CSS, I added an icon for the site, a contact page and a PHP script to randomize the banner on the top frame ^-^

28-12-2002 Gallery
Added 2 sketchs and 1 CG, that's all for now.

18-11-2002   Small update
Nothing to report, just a small update, I just added the flash intro, maybe I'll add more flash later, if I can get enough time, time...

03-11-2002   2 new gallery
The new gallery now have 2 pic in it ! Or should I say as two version of a pic in it ;) Anyway, the fanart section will be done in a couple of weeks, or less, or more ;)

01-11-2002   Gallery script update
More updates, the gallery script as been rebuilded, again! and I added a contests gallery section, I'll use this place for the entry I post for contest all 'round the web ;). I think I'll add another section, a fanart section, but I don't have enough stuff for it now... as usual, it'll be done later, always later... ... ... Danm I hate it when I don't have enough time...

20-10-2002   Need som sleep or a strong coffee!
Ok, I know I don't update often... but I have too much work ( you can see it in my last post).
I've juste added two new sketch, and I rebuilded the gallery's script and the thumbernails.

20-09-2002   AAAAAAAAAAARG, too much work !!!
ARGG. School's back... Here is the state of my ComputerScience Work:

10-08-2002   w00t !
Woooohooo! I have a scanner and a Wacom tablet now !!! Now that the I-don't-have-a-scanner problem is over, I uped some more content in the gallerys. I'm curently testing my Wacom, I'll upload the results, when they're done :D . I''ll try to update more often but I don't have enough time and Colege is starting in 1 week, so I need to try to get the sleep I lost in my vaccation, some vaccation to recover from my vaccation !

13-07-2002   Small update
A small update for today, the CG gallery contain more stuff and is almost all 800x600 friendly! And I added a description to some images in the gallery. Curently there is not a lot of images using the description feature, but I'll add more later.

12-07-2002   Gallery update
The Sketch gallery is updated for low-rez, if you think it's still too big, send me a comment. The next step is to fit the CG gallery to 800x600, but I think I'll do it later... I'm kinda sleepy.

11-07-2002   More stuff in the box
I updated some content and add some pic in the CG gallery. I know that the gallerys are not 800x600 friendly for now... But I'll work on that when I'll have some free time.

29-06-2002   Gallery
OK, I've updated the gallery section, the BETA script is finished, it is currently in testing, the images are temporary, I will cut them to fit a low resolution screen for the next update, if I have time !

28-06-2002   First post!
The site as been created, the first layout is up, not a lot of sub-pages are up... I don`t have time to play with the gallery's Script, maybe towmorrow I'll work on that.


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